Thank you for purchasing one of our taxidermy mounts!

To make sure that your specimen lasts a lifetime we would suggest the following:

  • Avoid putting it in direct sunlight or somewhere with a draft
  • Keep it in a controlled environment, where temperature and humidity fluctuations are not extreme
  • Taxidermy specimens don't like to be touched or stroked as this will deteriorate their quality and make them lose their natural colours or sheen
  • If your mount becomes dusty or flour falls out of the fur/feathers (we tumble dry them in maize meal), brush it off with a soft make up brush
  • Moths can wreck your taxidermy: If you have a moth problem in your house, carefully put half a mothball underneath each wing as a preventative measure and regularily check on your mount. If you recognize loose feathers, put your mount in a plastic bag, close it and put it in the freezer for a day or two to kill off the moths
  • Last but not least: Keep a safe distance between your taxidermy bird and your kitten or puppy! :)

Enjoy your taxidermy!